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Hustler's first album was recorded at the legendary Studio 1 at Island Recording Studios, Basing Street in London's West End during the spring of 1974. The album was produced by Pete Gage, guitarist and writer for the band Vinegar Joe. Pete brought his creative skills to the table, introducing the band to sting and brass arrangements as well as his ex-wife Elkie Brooks. Elkie along with Vicky Brown and Lynn Cornell provide backing vocals to a couple of tracks. 


The band had already established themselves as live performers therefore capturing their sound on record was a challenge. Nevertheless, High Street proved to be an inovative catalogue of songs and was the standard by which future albums would be measured. 'Get Outa Me 'Ouse' was the bands first single, that features Micky Llewellyn's cockney vocals  in the vein of the Lazy Sunday by the Small Faces.



PLAY LOUD - 1975


Hustler's second album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire in April of 1975. Having toured with Queen in the Autumn of the previous year the band wanted Queen's producer, Roy Thomas Baker, to help them with their new project. Two weeks in the Welsh countryside without the distractions of the big city set the scene for an album that allowed the guys to experiment with their sounds and the song arrangements. No orchestration or girl singers this time and a sophisticated approach to production by Mr Baker.

There were no obvious singles on this album but A&M Records released 'Little People', 'Going Home' and Money Maker' in reasonably quick succession and whilst non of them made it into the Top 10 Singles Charts they opened the doors to Television (e.g. The Geordie Scene and 45) and radio (e.g. the BBCs In Concert).



All three albums are available to buy on CD! -      Click The Link ->

Plus all three are now also available to Download and Stream from all major internet platforms.



The task of creating the new catalogue has taken over 4 years. It was Tony Beard, Hustler’s original drummer, now resident in New York, and  bassist Tigger who began the process in 2016. Tigger flew to the Big Apple, hiring Shelter Island Studios for 2 days, and with the help of New York producer/musician Freddie Katz laid down Drums and Bass against the pre-recorded vocal tracks.


Tigger then returned to the UK to begin the daunting task of completing the tracks. During the following 3 years he made numerous trips to Yorkshire from London with his portable recording studio to capture performances of Kenny Daughters playing Hammond, pianos and synthesisers. Tigger then enlisted Tick Brown and Tony Miles to fill the large shoes of guitarist Micky Llewellyn. The guys did well and we hope Micky is smiling down from his heavenly stage.

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