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The original members of the band, with the exception of Micky Llewellyn, have come together to record the most recent album, 'Reloaded'. To fill Micky's the very large shoes, Tony Miles and Tick Brown were brought in to play guitars. 

Steve Haynes
Lead Vocals

Steve left the UK in the 90’s to return to his American roots in North Carolina. Despite being born in Liverpool, England, he spent most of his childhood in the States and came back to the UK in the early 60’s when he was 12. Steve continued to be a creative performer until his stroke in 2010 which left him paralysed down his left side and cruelly robbed him of his singing voice.


His unique vocal sound was developed by studying the great soul singers of the 60’s, Joe Tex, Wilson Picket, Ray Charles, James Brown and Otis Redding to name but a few. He was also an admirer of the vocal dexterity of Paul Rodgers of ‘Free’ and ‘Bad Company’. Steve recognised that Paul had managed to capture the life force of Soul, Blues and R&B in a Rock setting. In the early Hustler days Steve would occasionally throw in a Paul Rogers vocal phrase much to the bands delight e.g. “Hustler Yeah-ee-yeah!” sung at the end of the track ‘The Hustler’ from the ‘High Street’ album.​

Tony Beard

Tony was a founder member of Hustler. He crossed the Atlantic to make the USA his permanent home in the early 90’s. Having established himself as a well respected session drummer who plays all styles of music, yet he still remains a powerful rock drummer. That said, he is a charming and quietly spoken gent and will always be our loveable and cheeky Cockney with a metronome pulse rate.


From Go West to Johnny Winter, Foreigner, Crosby Stills & Nash, the list goes on, including Hall & Oates, Mike Oldfield, Mick Jagger, Bee Gees, Roger Daltrey, Randy Crawford, Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck, Chris Rea, Johnny Hates Jazz, Bette Midler, Robin Trower et al. Despite the fact that he plays with the big boys and girls these days, he jumped at the opportunity to bring Hustler back to life and to celebrate the amazing voice of Steve Haynes. Tony’s remarkable ability, flare and energy has been essential to this album.

Tigger Lyons
Bass Guitar & Vocals

Many greasy handprints left on the shopfront window as he pressed his little nose against the glass and marvelled at the colourful stringed instruments. He remembers the first time he plucked a guitar in the West London Music Shop, he was hooked. At the age of 13 he was given an acoustic guitar for Christmas and soon teamed up with school friend Steve Haynes, who was also learning to play. He had barely learned three chords when he abandoned 6 strings for the deep rich bass sound and bought a second hand Futurama bass guitar from a school friend. He plugged into the spare input on Steve’s 15 watt amp and they began making music. Over the years, they’ve parted company many times to play with other musicians, but their paths have continued cross and here we go again.


On this occasion, Tigger has written many of the tracks and also produced the album, but he says this was just the canvas and the painting was all down to the lads.

Kenny Daughters

In addition to being a masterful rock Hammond organist and keyboard player, Kenny has always been the backbone of the band. Being the oldest and maybe the most sensible member. In the early days of Hustler he was the designated driver and ‘general manager’ on the road. Now, with the rebirth of Hustler he plays a ‘key role’, (pun definitely intended) in the making of this new album. 


His influences to this day are Jon Lord, Rod Argent and Keith Emerson and his playing embodies that classic style that combines technical ability and primal emotion. His sound is a vital element to the Hustler sound and spirit. He moved away from London in the 80’s and now considers himself a Yorkshireman, happily living up in ‘Gods Country”. Kenny gave up playing in 1977 and only returned to performing ensuring that the new album could be made. The old dog has still got what it takes.

Tony Miles

Tony started playing guitar at 15 and was influenced by the heroes of the day. Hendrix, Clapton, Marriott, Frampton, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, and the list goes on. Aspiring to be as good as the greats helped him to develope a unique rhythmic  Blues style that has played an important role on this album.


In the early 70’s Tony saw Hustler at the Marquee Club, London on a regular basis and admired the playing of Micky Llewellyn. 


Tony joined TUSH in 1976 and played the London rock circuit at venues such as the Marquee, Dingwall’s, Nashville, and all the prominent rock pubs. He was thrilled to meet and play with him when Micky auditioned for TUSH just before a very young Phil Collen joined. Phil later went on to play with Def Leppard.

Tick Brown

Tick is a brilliant blues and rock guitarist who’s first big opportunity came with Barnacle, a band of brothers Gary, Pete and Steve. They supported many major acts, including ELO and played at the BBC’s Paris Theatre and The Roundhouse, both in London. Tick joined ‘art rock band’ Gloria Mundi, with Mark Evans on drums and who later went on to play with US band, Warrior Soul. Tick is a free spirit, currently performing with several bands, playing slow and bluesy or shredding the fretboard like a man possessed depending on the music.


His major influences have been Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton to name a few. He was also inspired by guitarist Micky Llewellyn, he also teamed up with Tigger in 1977 to form the three piece band called Torpedo, that included Mark Evans on drums.

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